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Take Me + Break Me [entries|friends|calendar]

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Posted using TxtLJ [25 Apr 2008|10:01am]
as im getting ready for vegas, theyre totaally playing the saved by the bell where they go to vegas. nuts

Posted using TxtLJ [15 Feb 2008|01:27pm]
omfg. i just got reemed out on the phone by someone who was slurring their speech becuase i transfered them wrong. i hate receptionisting. alot.
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Posted using TxtLJ [15 Feb 2008|12:10pm]
as much as i wanna be all "valentines day is stupid and commercial" (and i am) my heart melted a little when someone got flowers from her husband. jealous.

Posted using TxtLJ [18 Dec 2007|10:49pm]
WHAT!? Did she REALLY just choose Bobby over Dani! Not okay.
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Posted using TxtLJ [06 Dec 2007|02:20pm]
have i really been standing here for twenty fucking minutes for one fucking copy? fuck you, print and copy center

Posted using TxtLJ [26 Nov 2007|05:12pm]
i wish that if i went to editing an hr early then i could leave early.
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